Mind Blowing Earth Photography by Marc Adamus

Marc Adamus is a full time professional landscape photographer who is working for many years. Basically he belongs to Oregon, Unites States of America, but spends most of his year out in the field, moving around all over the place and chasing the light. Marc Adamus’s adventurous style of photography is one best defined by dramatic imagery, bold, that stems from his love of unusual weather and getting far off the beaten path. Photographic work of Marc Adamus has appeared in over a hundred different publications from around the world including National Geographic, Popular Photography, Digital Photo Pro, Readers Digest Digital Photographer, and Sierra Club, among others, and has been on the cover of Outdoor Photographer more than a dozen times. Take a look at mind blowing earth photography of Marc Adamus.

Audience of One
Photographer said: “I wanted to reprocess this image for a client the other day and realized I’d never shared it here earlier this year, upon my return from Chile and Patagonia.”

Mind Blowing Earth Photography by Marc Adamus

Between Night and Day
“The image was taken in -30 temperatures, which create the mist off the much warmer water. The lighting is a mix of sunrise and moonlight 1 hour and 10 minutes before the sun arose, looking west.”


Breaking Through

Color of the Moon
Photographer says “I have been to this area of the Grand Canyon dozens of times before, over the years. On this quite evening, alone at the end of hours of difficult road and camped near the rim I photographed this scene in soft moonlight so beautiful it rivaled the picture itself.”


Fire Planet

Follow It

Golden Towers

Heaven on Earth

Ice River Mountains
“An aerial image from the Boundary Range, Alaska. One of many In made while scouting routes and features for travels to come.”


Kingdom of the Wind

Light Cave

Light From Within

Maiden Shower

Minus Fifty

Paradise Forest

Psychedelic Dragons

Rage Against Frozen

Rare Morning

Ripples and Flames

So Long for This Moment

Spirit Garden

Spoken Through Light
“I wanted to reprocess this one for a client a few days ago and realized I had never posted it anywhere online except my website, so here it is. The image depicts one of the world’s most beautiful peaks, Fitz Roy, in Argentina. No image could ever come close to doing justice to those massive spires, lording over this beautiful land like nothing I’ve ever seen on Earth.”

This Other World

Walls of Light
“To obtain this very different view of this remote canyon in Utah’s Escalante, I composed a nearly spherical image, shooting all around me and moving myself out of the frame as needed.”

War with the Sky

Winds of Gold

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