20 Dogs Who Really Hate Snow Days

Do you love snow or snow days? Mostly people and animals like snow days but here we have compiled a list of 20 dogs who really hate snow days. In these photographs they are looking sad.Checkout our latest dog's photography collection!

1. in the mountains

2. Falco hates Snow

3. Ivy in the Snow by Electric-Mongoose

4. Looking into the Snow by WindInTheCoffeeCup

5. Steven in snow - 2 by WolfOfDarkness

6. Mommy, I hate winter. by HandHugsFTW

7. He hates snow by purplerain88

8. Domo really hates Snow

9. I HATE snow

10. I HATE snow

11. Snow face

12. Snow Angel - The Doggy Way

13. Happy new year from Ricco

14. millions of snowflakes by Anne Geier

15. Wild wolf...

16. Snow Puppy by MorRokko

17. Chow and the winter

18. Bau!

19. Bruno

20. Dog by Mag Hood

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