30 Truly Astounding Milky Way Views

“The Milky Way is the galaxy that contains our Solar System. Its name “milky” is derived from its appearance as a dim glowing band arching across the night sky in which the naked eye cannot distinguish individual stars.” – Wikipedia

We have compiled a list of 30 truly amazing Milky Way photographs on the request of our loyal reader Nick. These photographs are collected from the several photographers’ portfolios.

1. Starry Night Over The Pacific Ocean by Michael Shainblum
Truly Astounding Milky Way Views

3. The Galaxy Guides Us Home by Michael Shainblum
5. Tree of Wisdom by Aaron J. Groen
6. Shoot Me to the Stars, FREE Star Photography Tutorial Included
7. Milky Way over Jackson Lake by Royce’s NightScapes
8. Meteor and Milky Way over Bonsai Rock, Lake Tahoe
9. Stars over Teton Range
10. Farming the Rift by Aaron J. Groen
11. Cottonwoods and Milky Way by Randy Halverson
12. A Henge Beneath by Dylan Toh & Marianne Lim
13. Milky Way over ‘Las Barrancas’
14. Milky Way by Valter Patrial
15. The Dark Side by Lincoln Harrison
16. San Francisco unseen night by Ali Erturk
17. California Nights by Michael Shainblum
18. The Sentinel by Greg Gibbs
19. Milky Way above the Himalayas by Anton Jankovoy
20. Through The Galactic Arch by Michael Shainblum
21. Galactic Badlands by Michael Shainblum
22. Trains
23. Way of Love by Sebdows Photography
24. Milky Way !! by Rosario La Spisa
25. Farming the Rift III by Aaron J. Groen
26. Welcome To Mars by Michael Shainblum
27. Starry Night over Crater Lake by Rick Parchen
28. Milky Way Reflection by Rodney Lange
29. When Milkyway meets Solar Winds
30. Bagan night by Anuparb Papapan
31. Via Lactea by Dustin Farrell

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