Delightful Polar Bears Family Photos by Sergei Gladyshev

Sergei Gladyshev is a psychologist by training and a writer by vocation. In recent year, he is engaged in taking photographs of animals and nature. The main interests of Sergei Gladyshev are travel, photography, psychology and fantasy. “From his work the most significant achievement is the book "How to Survive in the crowd and remain ourselves," published in 2004, Phoenix Publishing House.” Have a pleasant look at delightful polar bears family photos.

I'm winning!!!

ippon - victory by fall

A polar bear baby, walking on fresh snow

A shower for a daughter

Bear - seal

Catch me, my brother

Dive of a young polar bear


hip-hop among snowflakes

Instead a rear-view mirror


lovely game

low break-dance


Pretty girl of the cold Arctic

Sweet couple

The first meeting with water

Tight hug by sergei gladyshev

Torpedo is going

Two young siblings of polar bear are telling baby stories


under Mother protection

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