Sebastien DEL GROSSO’s Incredible Sketch Art to Blow Your Mind

Sébastien DEL GROSSO is a 32 year-old creative photographer and artist better known as the Page SDG Photography. Currently he living and working in Paris, France as Graphic Freelancer.

Since his childhood, he always felt the need to express herself through creation. Firstly he started with drawing and painting, and then he did job because he has worked for several years in the world of graphics. Checkout the latest Sebastien DEL GROSSO’s incredible sketch art to blow your mind.

Sketch your (x) dreams
Sebastien DEL GROSSO's Incredible Sketch Art to Blow Your Mind

 Sketch the love
 Friend Sketch II
 Friend Sketch III
 Friend Sketch IV
 Friend Sketch V
Friend Sketch VI
 Friend Sketch VII
Friend Sketch
 High key sketch
Self Sketch
 Sketch the sketcher
 Sketch your mentor
 The power of the sketch

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