30 Gorgeous Black Cats

Black cats are feline with black fur. Black cat is not a particular, mixed or specific breed of cat. The Bombay is a best example of black cat who known for its sleek black fur.

“The all-black pigmentation is slightly more prevalent in male cats than female cats. Their high melanin pigment content causes black cats to have yellow (golden) eyes (irises).” – Wikipedia

Here we have selected the 30 gorgeous pictures of black cats. Hope you love to choose for one of them as your pet.

5. Gatekeeper by Zoran Milutinovic
6. Yes, I’m a stone…Lilttle black stone
10. Salem
11. Gato de la buena suerte.

12. The little owner a big apartment
13. kitty
16. Ludo
19. Leo by Roberto Martini
20. I’am so gonna getcha!...
28. Nami

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