20 Cutest Baby Smiles

As we know many babies treat their parents to their first smile when they're between 6 and 8 weeks old. However, many babies may smile before or after this period. Baby smile is one of the biggest parental payoffs to sleepless nights and endless spit-up stains. Baby will start to smile as a way of communicating with you, expressing pleasure and, finally, developing a sense of humor. Have a pleasant look at these 20 cutest baby smiles and by happy.

1. Mr. Funny by Anita Meezen
Cutest Baby Smiles

 4. Baby Smile by Markus Raegi

 5. Teeth by Raed Ammari

 6. Smily Face by Rozanne De Mari

 9. One Swingin' Kid

 10. Hanging Out in Her Crib

 11. Baby by Peter Pesta

 12. ruffles by wendy newman

 13. Smiling

 14. Precious boy by Laurette van der Merwe

 15. Rafael

 16. Smiling Baby by Onur Demir

 17. Newborn smiling by Armands Sprogis

 18. JoJo Look by Danny Mwiinga

 19. Smile by Lydie Sweetdream

 20. First by Andrew Griswold

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