20 Awesome Photos of Adventurous Dolls

Diana Ward is a creative and talented multimedia designer from Melbourne, Australia. She has 9 years commercial experience. She accomplished design and production skills across a wide variety of multimedia including editing, motion graphics, interactive design, animation, and illustration. She has a diverse portfolio of work for both arts-based and corporate clients. Diana Ward is specializing in work for galleries and museums. Take an inspirational look at her awesome photos of adventurous dolls.

The storyteller
Awesome Photos of Adventurous Dolls

 House calls

 A good yarn

 After the flood

 An explaination of Notre Dame


 Autumn's dreamers

 Feels like the holidays


 La dolce vita by Diana Ward

 Life Drawing




 Pink ribbon

 Polly and her pig

 Sharing is caring

 The Autumn Queen

 The cat nanny

 The three graces

 The willow pond by Diana Ward


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