Incredible Examples of Wildlife Photography

Denzil Mackrory is a very creative and amateur photographer from Howick, KwaZulu-Natal. Currently he is living and working in Nairobi, Kenya. He loves nature and wildlife. Denzil Mackrory writes, “Observing the natural world is an art in itself. In finite moments of time you forget the existence of humanity. All that remains is you and the subject that graces your eyes. It is in this moment that you feel the stir of emotions that make you appreciate your own insignificance. This moment is one of many catalogued by History. It is this moment that I have captured whilst the shutter passes my eye. All images are reflections of the feeling during each moment. When looking at these images I hope you feel what I did when taking them.”

Masai Giraffe
Incredible Examples of Wildlife Photography

 Three Zebras
 Cape Fox
 Ears with little deer
 Head bang
 Lion Cub
 Pumba and friend
 Tree hugger
 Yawn & stretch

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