30 Super Cool Examples of Birds Photography

Harry Eggens is a talented photographer from Groningen, Netherlands. He started photography as a hobby since March 1990. “First did some macro work, but very soon after I bought my first camera I decided to go for the bigger animals and some sports photography to. My first camera was a Nikon 801 and after that a 801s, F90, F90x, F4, F4E and the last analog cameras I used where the Nikon F5's. Since March 2005 I did sell these analog cameras and bought myself a Digital one, the Nikon D2x and later also a Nikon D300 with MB-D10 power pack” said Harry Eggens. Today we would like to introduce super cool examples of bird’s photography. Checkout the photography collection and leave your feedbacks.

Une Couple Formidable

 True Love

 A Windy Day

 Beach Walk

 Buzz off Mate

 Close Encounter of the First Kind

 Close Encounter

 Early Morning Light

 Euro Sign


 Graceful Duo


 Great Spotted Male

 High Speed Dive

 I'm Famous!!!!


 Kung Fu Master

 Look at my Surfing Brother

 Loudest Greeting

 Male Bullfinch

 Male Pintail

 Rope-walker by Harry Eggens



 The Shadow

 Three-headed Whooper Swan

 Two Headed Evil

 Unexpected Meeting

 What Happened Down There


 Young Hero by Harry Eggens

 Young Learned Old Done


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