26 Adorable Photos That Will Make You Feel Why You Don’t Have a Dog for Your Kids

Dogs and cats are the most popular topics on the internet so; we are going to add some beautiful dog’s photos in our Dog’s Category. We are sure, after viewing these dogs’ pictures you will feel why you don’t have a dog for your kids. Checkout 26 adorable dogs and be happy!

 3. Kupang, West Timor – Ricky and his pet dog
 5. Best Friends by Andrew Warriner
 6. Innocent Love by Gokhan Arda Guler
 8. Kid with her pet dog
 12. Toddler communes with big dog recovering from cancer surgery
 13. Dog Bones
 14. a slow saturday – hanging out with cousins, a dog and fishes
 15. Fighting a Thai soi dog
 16. A Boy who Loves his Dog
 18. Happy new year with Fairies and wolves
 19. Jimmy Dean, like Link, is a tongue with a dog atttached
 20. Cow Baby….Cow Dog
 22. A dog will teach you unconditional love
 23. This is MY Idiot
 24. You’re My Best Friend
 26. Kerry and His Black Dog

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