The Most Incredible Lego Art of All Time

The lego art or the art of bricks is a popular type of art. Recently an artist TFOL (Mark of Falworth) has revealed his most incredible lego artworks. He writes on his Flickr account “I’m a TFOL, with a passion for building LEGO MOCs. Castle is my by far my favorite theme”. He also likes Ultimate Frisbee, sword-fighting with duct tape weapons, duct tape and lots of other interesting things.

 If you want to see your friend again…
The Most Incredible Lego Art of All Time

War Elephant Tutorial
The Tyrfingr
 Angelic Warrior
 Anselm hero
 Cabin Cuckoo Clock
 Chromebricks review on iBrick!
 Cyricus the Mighty
 Duel in the deep
 Iron Builder Burger
 Iron Builder Gang (Castle Edition)
 Kelp Forest
 Leaving Lenfald
 Loreos is Taken
 Mesoamerican Warlord
 Orðlokarr Castle
 Pirate Paradise
 She’s perfect!
 Starfish beach
 The Adirondack Express
 The Battle of the Teutoburg Forest
 The End of an Era
 The Erickson Garden
 The Price Paid
 The Valleys Grow
 Through the Heat of the Desert
 Venus Fly Trap

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