The 30 Super Funny Caricatures of Celebrities

Rodney Pike is a creative humorous illustrator from Gonzales, USA. He has a lifetime of experience in Graphic Designing, Fine Art and Digital illustration. Rodney offers Photo-Manipulated Illustrations of all sorts but he specialized in Photo-Manipulated Caricature Illustration, Political Satire and funny Illustration, perfect for magazines, books, etc. He has worked for FHM Magazine, The Village Voice Magazine, Tennis Magazine, New Coast Productions, Miller Publishing Group, Bauer Media, and Catchphrase Entertainment. He is a member of NAPP and ISCA. Have a look at super funny caricatures of celebrities.

Sarah Palin

Super Funny Caricatures of Celebrities

Ronnie Wood of The Rolling Stones
 Bill Clinton
 Bill Cosby
 Bill Murray
 Caricature study of BB King
 Chelsea Stallone
 Eric Pouhier A Google+ Portrait Commission
 Ernest Borgnine
 Francesco Totti – FHM Magazine
 Gareth Bale
 House MD
 Jeremy Defoe – FHM Magazine
 Kanye West – FHM Magazine
 Leon Panetta – A Caricature Study
 Lil’ Wayne
 Lindsay Lohan – FHM Magazine
 Lionel Messi
 Mark Zuckerberg
 Martin Lawrence
 Michelle Obama
 Mick Jagger
 Obama Caricature Study
 Owen Wilson
 Steve Wozniak AKA Woz
 The Pope
 The Rolling Stones
 Tom Cruise
 Tracy Morgan
 Weekend at Conan’s
 Woody Allen & Scarlett Johanson
 Photo-manipulation, Caricature Illustration by Rodney Pike

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