The 20 Cutest Pictures of Birman Cats

The Birman cat is also known as "Sacred Cat of Burma". This is a beautiful domestic cat breed. It should not be confused with the Burmese, which is a dissimilar breed. The Birman has a pale colored body with darker points, medium-long hair, and deep blue eyes. Even though the cat is pointed, the paws have white gloves. The Birman cat is considered an intelligent breed of cat, which always appears interested in its surroundings. The Birman is a playful and gentle natured animal that relies on human affection and championship. Checkout here the 20 cutest pictures of birman cats and make your Sunday awesome.

1. Kittens of The blessd Ones, sacred Birmans

 3. CH Cooper van de Simona's NL

 4. Tufsen

 5. Feline Portrait by Electrophile

 6. Birman Cat by John Owen

 8. Pussy, cat, birman

 9. Birman by Craig Shaffer

 11. Sacred birman by Mari Luokkakallio

 12. Ragdoll

 13. Sealpoint Sacred Birman kitten

 14. Cloud in the studio with bubble machine

 15. My pet Birman Cat trying to sleep

 16. 12 years old bluetabbypoint birman girl

 17. Pixie in the garden jungle

20. Birman cat hugging small statue

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