20 Super Funny Pictures of Kids Doing Yoga

Yoga is the practice of integrating and accessing all aspects of our true nature – mind, body, and spirit — in the pursuit of inner harmony. It is a fastest growing sport in all over the world. Naturally children are born with an innate flexibility and yoga poses help to prolong this gift. Flexibility and strength allow for fewer and less-severe injuries, especially when kids are engaged in playground activity, sports, and good ol’ rough & tumbling. Checkout below the 20 super funny pictures of kids doing yoga.

 3. Yoga Baby
 4. . Yoga Baby
 7. Yoga Baby
 8. Yoga Baby
 9. Yoga Baby
 10. Yoga Baby
 11. Yoga Baby
 12. Yoga Baby – Dowmward Dog
 13. Yoga Baby. What pose is this
 14. Yoga Baby
 15. Yoga Baby
 16. Baby Yoga
 17. Yoga Baby
 20. Judy-Practices-Her-Yoga-w

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