2 October 2013

20 Incredible Pictures of Barn Owls

Barn owls are one of the most widely distributed species of owl. These birds can be found everywhere around the world apart from the desert and Polar Regions. Although this is the case, the barn owl population is more predominant in the Southern Hemisphere due to better climate conditions for the barn owls. Barn owl belongs to Tytonidae family. The normal size of barn owl is 25cm-45cm.

Incredible Pictures of Barn Owls

 2. My Angel

 4. Barn owl

 5. Barn Owl

 6. Learning to pose by Alessandro Cancian

 7. Barn Owl by Karen Summers

 8. Western barn owl by wise photographie

 9. My Soul

 11. portrait of a wild barn owl

 12. Barn Owl ( wild as always )

 13. owl

 14. Barn Owl by Karen Summers

 16. Barn Owl with an Attitude!

 18. Barn Owl

 19. Twilight Owl by Jason Wood

 21. Barn Owl

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