18 Stunning Pictures of Siberian Tigers Chilling Out in Snow

Siberian Tiger also known as Amur tiger, is a popular subspecies of tiger. They live primarily in eastern birch forests of Russia, though some exist in North Korea and China. The Amur tiger is rusty-yellow or reddish-rusty in color, with narrow black transverse stripes. Siberian Tigers have the largest home range of any tiger subspecies because low prey densities means they have to search over large areas to find food. The Amur tiger is the world’s largest representative of the wild cat family and renewed for the power and strength.

 7. Chill Out

 12. Amur Tiger by MrShutterbug Jonathan Griffiths

 15. Snow Tiger Tongue Out by Josef Gelernter

 17. the Siberian Tiger at the Copenhagen Zoo!

 18. Ina by Jutta Kirchner

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