The 20 Fluffiest Goose Chicks

One of my best friends asks me to share photos of goose chicks. Goose is a water bird with short legs, a long neck, short broad bill and webbed feet. He belongs to Anatidae family. So in response of his email, I collected some fluffiest goose chick photographs. These are really beautiful and cute. I am thankful to him for sending such a wonderful idea. Have a look at goose chick’s photography and boost up your mood.

 2. Alone

 3. Heads up!

 5. Brothers

 8. Chicks

 11. Bugs. Yum!

 14. Baby Goose

 15. Holla!

 18. Adorable Gosling by Mikell Herrick

 19. Gosling

 20. walk like an Egyptian Goose

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