The 20 Cutest Photos of Chow Chow Dogs

The Chow Chow is one of the oldest breeds of dogs originally from China, where it is referred to as Songshi Quan, which means “puffy-lion dog”. Chow Chow dog is very beautiful and different from all the other dog breeds especially due to his purple tongue. This dog can be kept in an apartment, but it is best to keep a dog in the house where she can safely run around the yard and protect your property. Chow Chow dog kind to the sun in the heat of summer, they are looking where to hide in the shade.

This breed loves to be treated with respect because Chow Chow has a dramatic change of mood. If Chow Chow grew from an early age with other animals, they will be with them friendly and easy going, and if they see them for the first time, Chow may show aggression. I have a set of 20 cutest photos of chow chow dogs. I hope these cute dog photographs will boost up your mood.

1. chow-chow by Vladimir Volodin

 2. Reiku, is afraid of no leaf
 3. Chow Chow by Sinan SOLMAZ
 4. Choc by Jorge Figueroa arce
 5. Ted
6. Chow chow – Little Puppy
 8. Sunbath – Our chow chow is rolling on her back in the sun
 10. Chow puppy by Peter Leyden
 11. Pair of Chow Chow dogs waiting outside supermarket in Wapping heard their owner coming
 12. Chow Chow
 14. ‘Rigas’ Chow Chow (5 months)
 16. This is Apollo – he’s a chow chow.
 18. Chow Chow
 20. Took a couple of shots of my friends black Chow yesterday

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