Inspirational Nature Photography by Bess Hamiti

All "reality" becomes "unique realities" as the personal approach of those who live it. Nature in all its expressions, is the most absolute of realities, life moves on, organized and always available to complete its cycle despite the difficulties imposed (sometimes without awareness) for humanity, which has become their natural environment in an executioner for his own true nature.

From a young age, the photographer Bess Hamiti realized this great truth and fall in love with nature photography. Today, he has become a professional photographer. Take a look at his inspirational nature photographs.
Heart on the Sky

Green Nature

Flower of Paradise

 Rugova Mountains

 Awesome Sunset

 Flower Photography

Landscape Photography

Evening Landscape


 Lone tree

 Old Granary


Pink Rose

 Podujeva city (Kosovo)

 Purple Rose


 Sunset Photograph

 Sunset Photography

 The old tunnel

Sunset shot


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