20 Super Cool Photos of Camels

The Camel (also known as the Arabian camel, the Dromedary Camel, and the One-Humped Camel) belongs to Camelidae family. This is also called the king of sand. The camel is a faithful and large hoofed animal that is most commonly found in the Middle East and hot deserts of Northern Africa. Many photographers love to capture animal’s photography. Today, I selected beautiful camel photos, which are taken by several photographers. Have a look at super cool photos of camels and be happy.

 6. Twin
 7. Three Camels by George Barker
 11. Funny Camel by Star Lee
 12. A camel with her newly born roaming the desert.
 13. Camel with Son by Abdulaziz Aljaber
 14. Camel by Safran
 15. A camel with a face only a mother could love by Alan Story
 16. Happy Camel Photo taken in the eastern Algerian desert
 17. Bactrian Camel (Camelus bactrianus)
 18. Camel Photo by EwusiaBH
 19. Camelhead…digging into the archives. This one was clicked at Oakland Zoo
21. Early Morning at Camel Market Al Ain

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