20 Breathtaking Photos of People Climbing Over the Mountains

Mountain climbing or mountaineering is the sport, profession or hobby of skiing, hiking and climbing mountains. It is also the set of techniques, knowledge and skills aimed at achieving the goal. Mountaineering is a sport, but those who practice it believe it is much more than that, as it is a lifestyle and see the world around them.

Photographers also play a main role to catch them through their cameras. So, in order to appreciate these photographers, I have compiled a list of breathtaking photos of people climbing over the mountains. Have a look and be happy.

 4. Paul Thomson having a look at the crux moves on Atoms in Action

 6. Cam Brensinger climbs a route called the Rigid Designator near Vail, Colorado

 8. Andy Richardson on his latest project on Mr Wall, Diamond Falls

 9. Mauricio Huerta sending El Jibarito in Actopan, Mexico.

 11. Photo taken of a skilled climber at Red Rock Canyon in Nevada

 12. White Lines V8 Boulder at Donner Summit near Lake Tahoe CA right as a spring snow storm rolls in

 13. Great Day at Haffner Creek, Kootenay National Park, British Columbia, Canada.

 14. This is a 3 sided permanent ice tower that has a variety of ice climbing in varying degrees of difficulty

 16. Climbing on a giant rock (tree), this brave girl finds her way to the top

 17. Mountain

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