15 Incredible Pictures of Basset Hounds

Do you know about Basset Hound? It is a short-legged breed of dog that belongs to Hound family as well as 6th recognized Basset breeds in France. This dog breed is considered as a friendly breed. For this reason Basset Hound is an excellent pet for children. They forget the training when the reward isn’t present. His appearance is ridiculous because it seems that dog got body parts from several different breeds. The height of a normal basset hound is 33-38 cm and weight 20-29 kg. The expression of the muzzle is always touching and melancholy. Take a look at incredible pictures of basset hounds and be happy.

1. Soraya, the new Entry by Riccardo Bernardeschi

 2. Hound Dog by Darren LaMarr

 4. Mi amigo Pit by David Molina Vives

 6. Bessie The Basset Hound

 7. Maximus by George Wilson

 8. Bessie The Basset Hound by Chris Solomon

 9. The look by Duarte Fonseca

 11. Tongue- Tied

 12. Basset Hound by Basil Murphy

 13. Lets Sk8 by Nicole Ditt

 15. Perpetual Blue Machine by Donald Gibson

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