30 Breathtaking Rainbow Views

According to Wikipedia, "Rainbow is a meteorological and optical phenomenon that is caused by reflection of sun (sometimes the moon) light in water droplets in the Earth's atmosphere, resulting in a spectrum of light appearing in the sky." Rainbow looks like a multicolored arc or circle composed of the colors of the spectrum (from the outer edge. These are the seven colors that are usually distinguished in the rainbow, but it should be borne in mind that in fact the spectrum is continuous, and its colors seamlessly into each other through a number of intermediate shades.
I have selected the thirty breathtaking rainbow views that you will love to see. Happy viewing!

 2. Between the showers - Kjalarnes, Iceland

5. Rainbow Over Edisto Island

 6. Rainbow

 8.  Arch rainbow with guanacos by Sabry Mason

 9. One Storm, Two Rainbows and Almond Tree

10. Double

 12. London by Kohei Nakamura

 14. Double Rainbow Waiheke Island

 16. rainbow

 17. Photograph Rainbow by Mario Sommer

 20. Rainbow on the South African Highveld

25. Photograph This is not a rainbow by Michael Vesia

26.  Desert Storm by Guy Schmickle

 27. Rainbow

 28. Photograph 彩虹桥 by li zhang

 30. Photograph Double Rainbow by Steve Daggar

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