25 Incredibly Colorful Angelfish Photos

Angelfish is one the beautiful creature of this world who lives in waters of the southern hemisphere. There are 2 main types of angelfish; one is that inhabit the salty ocean waters (marine angelfish) and the second is who live in the freshwater rivers in South America (freshwater angelfish). Commonly the freshwater angelfish has triangular shape and grow upto few inches in length, while the marine angelfish normally grow up to 12 inches. They have bright and eye catching colors. Have a look at incredibly colorful angelfish photos and enjoy. 

 2. Bluemoon angel by papa 74

 3. Kiss my cheek by Lisa Kelly
3. Kiss my cheek by Lisa Kelly

 4. My Angelfish by Hussain Al-Bahbahani

 5. Tropical fish by Ludmila Nayvelt

 6. Queen Angelfish by DerekBrad

 8. Emperor Angelfish (juvenile)

 9. Demoiselle blanche by Pierre Michon

 10. Angelfish by Pierre Micho

 12. Photograph angelfish 2 by Milla V
12. Photograph angelfish 2 by Milla V

 14. Emperator angelfish (Pomacanthus imperator) by Vincent Pommeyrol

15. Conspicillatus

 16. Underwater Photography
16. Underwater Photography

 17. Queen Angelfish by Michael Mancuso

 18. Blue Face Angelfish by Murm Turner

 19. Queen Angel Fish by Murm Turner

 20. Angelfish by Milla V

 21. Emperor

 22. Angelfish

 24. Arabischer Kaisercfisch - Arabic Angelfish

 25. Potteri

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