20 Amazing Pictures of Baboons

Baboon belongs to medium and large sized species of Old World Monkey, which is found in Africa and in parts of Arabia. There are 5 species of Baboon that are the Olive Baboon, Guinea Baboon, Yellow Baboon, Hamadryas Baboon and Chacma Baboon. The body length of an average Baboon is 75 cm and the tail is 60 cm. Baboons are very agile animals. Baboon is common in Central and East Africa, lives in the steppe and mountainous areas. It feeds on vegetable (fruit, onions, etc.) and animal (insects, small vertebrates) food. Occur in large flocks on the tortilla and millet fields. Baboons are often kept in zoological parks and zoos. Baboons are primates with highly developed social relationships that will never live alone. The members of the herds travel together, eat and sleep. In a relationship with each other is expressed hierarchy.

You can search to know more about Baboons. Now we are sharing here the 20 amazing pictures of Baboons that will improve your mood.

1. Monkey Love by DJ P3tros
Pictures of Baboons

 2. Photograph Baboon by Yuri Gomelsky

 3. Baboon

 4. Photograph Family by Tor Ben

 5. Photograph At the hairdresser by Peter Hausner Hansen

 6. When I Look in Your Eyes

 7. Baboon Portraiture by Kenneth Madsen

 8. Baboon Yawn by Tim Davies

 9. Thinking
9. Thinking

 10. Baby Gelada Baboon by Richard Waters

 11. Male Gelada trying to intimidate me

 14. Baboon

 16. Oversight by Hermen van Laar

 17. Baboon Group Portrait by Tom Bodley
17. Baboon Group Portrait by Tom Bodley

 18. Newborn Baboon by Stewart Baird

 19. Do you want to mess with me

 20. Old One-Eye, Olive Baboon

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