20 Adorable Photos of Lemurs

The scientific name of Lemur is Lemur Catta. Lemur is a primate native to the island of Madagascar, south east coast of Africa. There are ten different types of species of lemur inhabiting the island. they like to spend most of their time in the trees. Lemurs are well known for their wailing screams and large, round reflective eyes. Their tails, ears and furry often being compared to both squirrels and monkeys. I have compiled a list of 20 adorable photos of lemurs that will make you say Aww!

 2. Ring tailed lemur – Lemure
 5. Maurice by Syahrul Ramadan
 7. Baby Ringtailed Lemur by Jacqueline Bamber
 8. Hold Onto Each Other
 9. Lemurs by Marcos Guaita
 10. Lemurs
 11.  White-Tailed Lemur by Jessica Bate
 12. lemur
 15. Photograph here I am! by Anna Poelstra
 18. Hug me by Kateryna Shamanovska
 19. Ring-tailed Lemur by CDA Photo
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 21. Ring Tailed Lemur , Anja , Madagascar

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