20 Adorable Photos of Abyssinian Cats

Abyssinian is one the oldest breeds of domestic cat on earth. It is considered to be the ancestor of African wild cat , inhabited the territory of Abyssinia (now Ethiopia ). First Abyssinian cat named Zula. It brought a member of the British military expedition, Captain Barrett-Lennard in 1868. Abyssinian cat is an animal of medium size, well balanced, with well-developed, but not brute muscle. Every hair of wool Abyssinian cats are often painted with two or three strips of different colors, such a division is called ticking . Triple, a pronounced ticking preferred. Ticking gives wool iridescence, not forming a pattern on the body. The back cat painted in a darker shade, and the abdomen, chest and inner surface of the legs. There are four coat color: natural (ruddy), red (sorrel or cinnamon), blue and fawn, other colors are only recognized by some organizations. The sophistication and grace of the Abyssinian cat leaves a lasting impression on everyone who met her. See here 20 adorable photos of Abyssinian cats and get inspired. 

 3.  Abyssinian by Adam Ruuska

 8. Cat by Alexander Bulanov

 10. Hey Jude!

 12. Jude

 14. Photograph Luna Cat by Schumann Photography

 15. Mysli

 17. Spotted

 19. shy

 20. Isis sitting in the run

 21. Belle on White

 22. Kara

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