25 Spectacular Photos of Hot Air Balloons

The hot air balloon is a well known and most oldest successful human-carrying flight technology. It is a part of class aircraft that is known as balloon aircraft. The aircraft used the gas or hot air for flight with a density less than the density of the ambient air (according to Archimedes' principle ). The first flight in a hot air balloon was performed by François Laurent d'Arlandes and Jean-François Pilâtre de Rozier on 21 November, 1783.

We won't waste your precious time, come to the point by sharing the spectacular photos of hot air balloons. These are really incredible and awesome that will make you happy. Tell us your favorite hot air balloon photo in comment.

1. Photograph Hot air by Alexey Sizov

 3. Flying over Cappadocia

 4. Photograph Cappadocia, Turkey by Sean Bagshaw

 5. Floating above Fairy Chimneys

 6. Flying Between Heaven and Earth

7. Photograph The colours of nature in Cappadocia by kani polat

 8. Photograph Goreme Balloons by Rob Hadley

 9. Photograph Летим ;) by Wanderingval

 10. Magical Goreme

 11. Photograph Cappadocia Air Balloons by Hengkie Kastono

 12. Fiesta

 13. Up, Up, and Away

 14. The art of nature, Cappadocia

 15. Trio

 16. Photograph 2590 by peter holme

 17. Air Traffic

 18. Photograph Formation by Alexey Sizov

 20. Balloons Over Cappadocia

 21. Photograph Almost like a light bulb by Giuseppe Maria Galasso

 22. Photograph of balloon by Alexey Sizov

 23. Photograph Balloons, over Cappadocia by Miles Skorpen

 24. Photograph Hot Air Balloons by Sean Connor

 25. Balloons Over Bend Festival 2013

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