20 Adorable Photos of Labradoodle Dogs

Labradoodle is a mixed breed of dogs that is also known as a mutt. A Labradoodle is a mix between a poodle and a Labrador. People like to mix the poodles breed with Labradors because they don't like the shed of poodles.

Labradoodle dogs are generally friendly, good and energetic like Poodles and Labrador Retrievers. These dogs also have an affinity for water and strong ability to swim due to both parent breeds. They are highly intelligent and active dogs.

Checkout here our selection about adorable photos of Labradoodledogs and send your feedback. Thank You.

 3. Photograph Doodle Unwind by LuAnn Hunt

 6. Sun Coco

 7. Photograph The Big Friendly Giant by Sarah Brighten

 9. What?

 10. First snow

 11. Photograph Doesel by Bernard de Graaf

 12. Photograph chewy portrait by Chris Davis

 13. Photograph Untitled by Boulder Photo

 14. Toaster

 15. Photograph Labradoodle by TL Leow

 16. Photograph labradoodle posing for pic by Chris Davis

 17. Photograph Allidog by Necia Erickson

 18. A Doggone Good Day

 19. tired dog

 20. Harley

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