17 Wonderful Modern Sculptures that You’ll Fall in Love With

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Traveling to cities around the world, we try to discover the remarkable sights, emphasizing the spirit of a place. It is worth noting that in addition to examples of ancient art of interest are as modern creations. The designers of our time trying to make this world more attractive, create unusual works from iron, stone and other materials. We have compiled a selection of 17 contemporary art/ modern sculptures to fall in love with.

Extension, USA

Bathing Boys, Singapore

Emigrants from Ireland

Giant horse sculpture Scotland

Hippos, Taiwan

Liberty, United States

Lions, United Kingdom

Loving Dragons, Bulgaria

Memorial to the Jews, Krakow

Moving, Poland

Salmon sculpture, United States

Shoes on the banks of the Danube, Hungary

Spider sculpture Maman, Tokyo

Telephone booths, UK

The Mustangs of Las Colinas, USA

The poet Mihai Eminescu, Romania

The Road of Freedom, Vilnius

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