10 Phenomenal Photographs of Phantom Lake

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Phantom Lake is a beautiful small lake near the city limits of Bellevue, Washington. "A 2.6 mile long pedestrian trail circles the lake, and according to Bellevue city government, the city's oldest and largest trees can be seen there" - Wikipedia

In today's post you will see 10 phenomenal photographs of Phantom Lake. These nature photographs are photographed by different photographers.

Phenomenal Photographs of Phantom Lake

2. Phantom lake Yellowstone National park Best view on black

3. Phantom Lake

4. Sunset over Lower Phantom Lake, Mukwonago WI

5. Lightning over Phantom Lake

6. Phantom Lake - Reflections and lily pads.

7. Phantom Lake, Yellowstone National Park

8. Rainbow at Phantom Lake

9.  Phantom Lake

10. Phantom Lake - Lily pads on Phantom Lake, Bellevue Washington

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