20 Gorgeous Hedgehog Photos

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The hedgehogs are also known as Erinaceidae, a subfamily of small mammal covered with spines; belong to the order Erinaceomorpha, though formerly were considered the order Insectivora. There are a total of 16 species divided into 5 genera. Hedgehogs widely found in Europe, Asia Minor, Western Siberia, north-west of Kazakhstan, the Amur region, the northern and north-eastern China. After some search, I have selected twenty gorgeous hedgehog photos. Checkout our selection and send your feedback.

 2. Autumn garden by Edwin Kats

 3.  Barbed joy by Evgenia Plevo

 4. Young white breasted Hedgehog

 5. Hedgehog

 6. Shy Hedgehog

 7. curiosity

 8. Hedgehog

 9. Dominga

 11. European Hedgehog by Bartosz Budrewicz

 12. Hedgehog

 13. Jacoba

 14. Preparing to climb by √úllar Pajus

 15. Hoglet

 17. Hedgehog by Mantvydas Drevinskas

 18. Sleeping... by Alexey Kononoff

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