Fantastic Playing With My Food Project by Vanessa Dualib

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The Brazilian photographer and artist Vanessa Dualib is working at the project "playing with my food" for many years. And the result is awesome. Lets have a look at some of her funniest creations. I'm sure after seeing this you would try to create one or two items at your end.

Behold! The magnificent Fridge Walrus...

Apotatosaurus Dulcis

A TRUE 'Baby Carrot'.

Carrol is Gone...

Book is ready!

Cassava Snake

Don Carrotte de La Mancha
Finally! An honest Fortune Cookie...

From Caterpillar to Butterfruit
How Would you Like your Sugar

Identity Crisis...

Kiwi meets Kiwis


Medieval Carrots!

Meet 'Al' Bergine...

Meet Gary..

Meet Spike…

Moooooom... the ingredients are smiling at me... AGAIN!

Native Carrots

Pepper-Toco Toucan

Suicide OREO!

Veggie Peacock

The Mysterious Case of Pepe, the Pepper.

Shiitake Fungi Stingray

Turtle Bread

The feared C-Rex!

Radish Cardinal

Meet Chewy…

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