30 Majestic Photographs of Big Cats

Lion Redmich is an artist, young passionate photographer and student from Czech Republic. He likes photographing animals especially lions. Redmich is also interested in architecture and landscape photography. Checkout below the 30 majestic photographs of Big cats and get inspired.

Snowy cheetah
Majestic Photographs of Big Cats

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Stunning HDR Animals by Jeff Jaquish

Jeff Jaquish is a professional photographer who is known also as ZingPix. His main emphasis is shooting canines. He is best known for his photo documentation of working Australian Cattle Dogs. His photographs have been used world-wide in books, magazines, web sites, advertising, etc. Today we are showcasing stunning HDR animals photographs of Jeff Jaquish. Checkout

Stunning HDR Animals by Jeff Jaquish

24 Cutest Pictures of Head Tilts of Dogs

A dog tilting his head may be an indication that dog feels imbalanced. While in the term of Medical, head tilt involves tilting of the head to either side of the body, away from its orientation with the trunk and limbs. The dog may does to be trying to prevent itself from falling, retain a balanced posture, struggling or for fun. Check out 24 cutest pictures of head tilts of dogs.

1. Did Someone Say 'Walk'
Cutest Pictures of Head Tilts of Dogs

Brendan van Son Captures Absolutely Stunning Natures Photographs

Photographer Brendan van Son has really a good taste in photography especially in Nature Photography. Beside photography, he is also a good travel writer who lives and works in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Brendan writes on his Facbook account, “After University Brendan set off to try and discover the world he had read about in the books. Over the past 5 years he has traveled through 6 continents and has written and photographed his every movement. You can find his work on his own personal website "Brendan's Adventures: The World is my Jungle Gym" or featured in travel magazines and ezines.”

Jabal Shams, Oman
Brendan van Son Captures Absolutely Stunning Natures Photographs

22 Of the Ever Cute Seen Baby Animals

We love baby animals because they are adorable and cute. In today’s post we have a set of 20 of the ever cute seen baby animals. We hope these beautiful baby animals will make your day bright and joyful.

 Cute Seen Baby Animals

30 Of the Most Adorable Bulldog Pictures We Will Ever See

Bulldog is the most popular breed of dogs. They are adorable, cute and fluffy. Here I have selected 30 of the most adorable bulldog pictures. These pictures are collected from flicker account “bulldog1”. We appreciate his wonderful work and ask you to join him.

1. Can I Borrow Your Flag Chair

Absolutely Astounding Painting Art of Oslo Jou

Oslo Jou is unknown artist and painter. Unfortunately we didn’t find any information about him but we can say that his paintings are absolutely astounding. If you like Oslo Jou’s paintings then don’t forget to leave your feedback.

Absolutely Astounding Painting Art of Oslo Jou

Krista Long Captures Stunning Moments of People Coming Out Of Water Slides

Krista Long is an amateur and professional female photographer from USA. Recently she captures stunning moments of people coming out of water slides. They look amazing and wonderful. Currently Krista is living and working in Des Moines, Iowa, USA. Explore below the stunning photography work of Krista Long.

Krista Long Captures Stunning Moments of People Coming Out Of Water Slides

20 Of the Most Beautiful Pictures of Pangong Lake

Pangong is a beautiful "long, enchanted and narrow lake". It is also referred to as Endorheic Lake, located in Himalayas at a height of about 14,270 ft. This lake is 83miles long and extends from Tibet to India. Approximately 60% of the length of the Pangong Lake lies in Tibet. The width of lake is 5 kilo meters at its broadest point. Throughout it covers 604 kilo meters. “During winter the lake freezes completely, despite being saline water. It is not part of Indus river basin area and geographically a separate land locked river basin.” – Wikipedia
We suggest you to look at 20 of the most beautiful pictures of Pangong Lake to stay you cool and calm.

1. Pangong Lake

Phenomenal Wildlife Photography of Mark Bridger

Mark Bridger is an enthusiastic amateur photographer from London, England. He took photography hobby about five years ago when her wife bought a first camera for him on his 40th birthday. He is a member of National Geographic team since 2013.

The main interests of Mark Bridger in photography are nature, wildlife and anything from bugs to bears. We have a set of phenomenal wild life photography of Mark Bridger to pleasant your weekend.

1. A beautiful Grey Crowned Crane showing off his plumage
Phenomenal Wildlife Photography of Mark Bridger

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