Amazing Beauty of Black Beaches From Around the World

The beaches are different: white, yellow, red. But the most original, perhaps, is the carbon black beaches. However, coal is not being - they are black because of volcanic ash and lava, which is lowered into the water, crushed and transformed into pebbles. Fantastic sight! Black beaches are absolutely safe for travelers, except for the fact that they are located in areas of volcanic activity, past or current. Below are the most beautiful beaches of black earth.

1. Ajuy Beach 
The beach is located in the eponymous village on the island of Fuerteventura, Canary Islands. (Sven Walter)
Amazing Beauty of Black Beaches From Around the world

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Strikingly Beautiful Eyes Of Real People

It is not known why, but most strikingly beautiful eyes meet the inhabitants of the Middle East and blacks. Some of them are so piercing that frighten, others seem to see right through you. We offer a selection of pictures of Real people with beautiful eyes.

An Afghan boy
Strikingly Beautiful Eyes Of Real People

Absolutely Incredible Pictures of Tatra Mountains by Climbing Photographer Julita Chudko

Julita Chudko is a beautiful and talented photographer from Poland but she likes Slovakian people there we've small mountains called the TatraMountains. The highest peak of the mountain is called Gerlach (2,655 m ), so it's not very high but beautiful.

The photograph was discovered by chance and very late . In 2009,  she went for the first time in the Tatras alone. And so it began her journey. She says, it was during my lonely in most expeditions trying to show the beauty of the mountains in the photos, I learned that I can "see". I was surprised that I apparently impatient person can spend long hours playing with an old Minolta Z1, I received not long ago. I was surprised that the photograph, which somehow never particularly interested me from day to day with an innocent hobby turned into a great passion that took possession of my life and has become the driving force behind many of my decisions and actions. And when, in 2012. I lost my job that I thought that I would like to do something that I love to do. I wrote a business plan, and thanks to a grant received SLR bought and started working as a photographer. And when now in retrospect I look at what my life suddenly zadziało I do not regret anything because I know that I can combine work with passion and it works only a few.

With photography, I started to look "more" to see "more" - I've become a better observer. I love her for it. When using the camera I cut into small fragments of reality, I feel that I see something that is not visible to all, as I touched the secret, and not only a finger but the whole hand, because I most like to experience life .. I love photography for the fact that I can stop special moments longer and show them to others.

As someone who has always liked sociable and tell stories through photography, I discovered that I could do it in a way more interesting, encouraging others to live with me your experience. I like to share with others what I see and how I see it. I do not like routine, constantly looking for new challenges in photography. I aim to make my photos to surprise and caused emotions. I'm looking for all the time in each new ideas and try not to repeat in my pictures. I want to be better and better.

My element is the movement so actively do sports in particular, climbing, mountain biking, and running. Besides, I love to travel. I have visited most of the countries of Europe, I looked also to Asia. In many of these places also wandered among the mountains Ukraine, Greece, Albania, Macedonia, Germany and Austria; gained from the higher peaks of the Grossglockner (3789 m), Grossvenediger (3662 m) and Mont Blanc (4810 m). For several years the camera with me almost always (even underwater photograph: -)

My photographs have been published, among others, Quarterly Tatry, Taternik, SKI Magazine, Runners World Poland. Have a look below absolutely incredible pictures of tatra mountains by climbing photographer Julita Chudko.

Absolutely Incredible Pictures of Tatra Mountains by Climbing Photographer Julita Chudko

20+ Animals Who Love Traveling More Than You

Do you know you're not only travel lovers in this world? Animals also love traveling. Here we offer a selection of beautiful pictures of animals who love traveling more than their owners and now they are ready for this.

Animals Who Want to travel More Than Their Owners

18 Pictures of Animals Who Do Not Even Shy What They're Doing

Animals are the most discussed topic on the internet. So today again we offer you a selection of cute and funny animal pictures who do not even shy about what they're doing. If you have any good picture of steep animal, just share it in comments.

Photogenic Kangrooo
Photogenic Kangrooo

10 Of the Most Interesting Castles in Ireland

Ireland is a beautiful country with the most medieval castles on its territory. Unfortunately, with the passage of time a few once magnificent buildings saved. In the current century, there are hundred thousands of ruins of ancient castles throughout the world. it's worth noting that even they are devastated but they have great historical value and pride of nation. Our new list on top 10 most interesting castles in Ireland will definitely catch the attractions for tourists. Checkout !

1.  Ballycarbery Castle - Photo by Cord Cardinal
Ballycarbery Castle - Photo by Cord Cardinal

Best Photos of the Year 2014 from National Geographic

National Geographic gets lots of shot on daily basis from different corners of the world. Thousands of professionals and amateur photographers wait for the right moment to make stunning picture from which is simply astounding. We have selected some best photos of the year 2014 from National Geographic 2014 edition. These best photos from National Geographic show the extraordinary grace of the nature and everyday life. Have a look at vivid pictures and get inspired.

Royal crest, Guyana (© Andrew Snyder)
Best Photos of the Year 2014 from National Geographic

Top 10 Best New TV Series 2014 - Selected by StuffMakesMeHappy

New serials appear punctually and it is the most reliable way to lure the audience on a regular basis. It turns out, shoot the same characters from year to year is not necessarily for the success of the show. You can finish one complete story, and the next year instead of continuing to transfer the action to another place and time and gain a whole new structure, leaving only the overall concept. You've probably already guessed, about what series it, is not it?

See our best new TV series ratings to know what to look for long winter evenings. Note that we are talking about the new series, the pilot which came directly in 2014.

1. TV Series 'True Detective' from HBO Channel
1. TV Series 'True Detective' from HBO Channel

30 Most Spectacular and Beautiful Small Towns From Around the World

Somewhere between the wilds of nature and the city you will find picturesque little towns that seem to fade right into the landscape. Cities have busy life and the people of these cities have not time to look around. In this sense, rural way is much better, especially if it is such an unusual village, as in our review. Have a look at 30 most spectacular and beautiful small towns from around the world.

Amêdî, Kurdistan
Most Spectacular and Beautiful Small Towns From Around the World

Stunning Views of Dubai in the Photographs of Daniel Cheong

Daniel Cheong is a passionate photographer from United Arab Emirates. Few months before we had shared a fantastic collection of absolutely amazing foggy Dubai pictures of Daniel Cheong. Now we are sharing again A selection of beautiful pictures of Dubai taken by photographer Daniel Cheong. Have a look and enjoy stunning views of Dubai.

Stunning Views of Dubai in the Photographs of Daniel Cheong

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